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We make our jewellery using only the finest precious metals such as Sterling Silver and 9K Gold (37.5% Pure). Our jewellery is stamped with the appropriate Gold or Silver content,  Au 9K for Gold items and S925 for Sterling Silver. Additionally, every piece carries our company hallmark C*.

As a standard, we finish off all of our jewellery in a manner befitting its quality, in the same way that the finest jewelers do so across the world. Where appropriate, we complement the metal work nearest the stone with various colour tones. This gives the stone a colour boost and almost hides the gold housing using the colour of the stone. This work is usually done for jewellery with coloured stones and to only fine jewellery standards. At CARAT* we do this to all of our pieces, where appropriate.


White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with other white metals such as silver and palladium. The result is a grey-coloured gold. In order to give the gold a white tone, it is plated with a platinum family metal called rhodium. Rhodium is very, very hard, costs twice as much as platinum and four times as much as gold. It is a beautiful lustrous material but wears thin over time. Most local jewellers are able to offer rhodium plating at a cost effective price. Our Yellow gold is mixed with yellow metals such as copper and zinc to make it strong enough for stone mounting and so that it will resist scratching. Our yellow gold mountings are polished by hand and like all gold jewellery, yellow gold may need to be polished every 12 to 18 months, depending on how often it is worn.


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and other metals, usually copper making up 925 parts per thousand with the remaining 75 parts per thousand being other metals. Fine silver of 99.9% purity is generally too soft for everyday wear. For this reason, copper is alloyed with silver to give it strength while preserving the ductility of the metal and its beauty. Our gold finish is available in White, Yellow and Rose Gold. It is nickel-free sterling silver plated with rhodium, 18K Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, or Black rhodium. The plating layer gives its coloured finish.